Mon Jun 12 2017
Of all of the Jiu Jitsu seminars I have been to over the last few years Henry really stood out to me. After spending the day with him in Concord, California this year I was compelled to take the trip down to Los Angeles to learn more. The way he uses weight, space and most significantly pressure efficiently made me drive nearly 400 miles to attend his classes at Dynamix, MMA off of Santa Monica blvd. I was absolutely not disappointed. I appreciate the training, the wisdom and the opportunity to have Henry on the show . Hopefully everyone enjoys the episode ! For more information on Henry check him out at http://hiddenjiujitsu.comĀ and be sure to visit Dynamix MMA in Los Angeles for awesome training, a great vibe, great people and some of the best jiu jitsu instruction available anywhere, ever. Thanks again for checking out the show. Lots of love - Clint