Mon Sep 19 2016

Anthony Baker has done just about everything there is to do and now he wants to see you reach your full potential. This guy is an absolute pleasure to be around. He's a hell of a training partner, trainer and motivator. His podcast is coming really soon and be sure to check out his Facebook for his infamous "Motivational Monday" talks every Monday at 8pm. His podcast will change lives for the better guaranteed. I believe in this guy and so should you. 

... on top of being charismatic, funny and a positive person to be around he's got this on his resume. 

Degrees & Certifications:
BS Kinesiology
National Strength & Conditioning Association; Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
National Academy of Sports Medicine; Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Certified
Rip Trainer Certified
Trigger Point Therapy Certified

U.S. Marine- 4yrs
Spartan Beast- 1x
The Relay (199 mile team run)- 2x
Tough Mudder- 4x
Purple Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu Grand Prix Champion- 3x
IBJJF All-Star Jiu-Jitsu tournament- 1st place
IBJJF U.S. Open Jiu-Jitsu tournament- 2nd place

Flexibility Training
Combat Sports
Functional Training
Strength & Conditioning
Weight Reduction


LIMITED - by Appointment Only

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MANTRA: Cardiorespiratory fitness combined with resistance training, is crucial in sustaining a quality of fitness, that can make life more enjoyable!