Mon Jul 24 2017
I catch up with my good friend Kyle Kingsbury in Las Vegas hot off the launch of his new hit podcast "Current Space" . If you didn't know Kyle is a former UFC light heavyweight, and Ultimate Fighter Alumni. Kyle is an expert in all things related to health, exercise, body and mind optimization. His appearances on shows like the Joe Rogan Experience really opened a lot of peoples minds up regarding nutrition and diet so be sure to check that out if you want to learn a little bit more about our guest Kyle Kingsbury this week.  This show is a sample of the work you can find on Kyle's new show called Current Space. It can be found on Apple Podcasts, and everywhere else high quality podcasts can be found. As always it's a real pleasure to be able to spend time talking with my friend and since my first two podcast episodes were done kind of as a beta test with Kyle it's a real honor and privilege to be able to launch this show across both of our shows. Congratulations to Kyle on the launch of his show ! Be sure and subscribe to Current Space -- you won't regret it !